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Bar Bingo Rules
Effective 6/7/2010; Updated 8/3/2011

These rules are in our Archives section of our website because these rules have not been updated recently, however, the rules are still a valuable resource for learning how to play Bar Bingo. Please be aware though that the rules might have changed for the way the game is played now on Tuesdays at the Legion. Remember, it is the players responsibility to know the rules of any game that the player is playing in when playing anywhere.

House Rules

The following House Rules are updated to reflect the change in August, 2011, of going to a strickly Bar Bingo game at the Legion, whereas there used to be both Mega Bingo and Bar Bingo. We will be editing these rules further, but believe that having the rules before playing makes playing the game more fun, so we are leaving these rules posted. Be sure to check the current rules at the time you play to make sure you have the Bar Bingo rules.

bingo card three faces1. Nine games will be played on each occasion. All $1.00 games will be played on GREEN border bingo paper with three faces on one sheet and Coverall games will be played on RED border paper with three faces on one sheet.

2. All green green border games will payback 60% of sales, not to exceed $99.

3. Payout is determined by cards sold per game. Prize amounts will be announced before the start of each game.

4. Multiple winners will divide prize money evenly, rounded up to nearest dollar.

5. A minimum or 15 players is required before the bingo session can begin.

6. No cards may be purchased after the first number has been called.

7. Winners must bingo on last number called.

8. It is the players' responsibility to gain the attention of the caller to stop the game when bingo has been achieved.

9. Bingo daubers must be used on all bingo paper.

10. No refunds or exchanges on bingo paper. All transactions are cash only.

...Bar Bingo Rules 11 through 19 are...