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Covid Guidelines

8 June 2020

TO:  American Legion Family of Post #39

FROM:  Commander    

SUBJECT:  Update #4 

I have some good news, for once.  The Bar and Hall and Pull-tabs will open on Wednesday 10 June.  This will be a period of change and feeling out conditions.  Understand that we are operating under the constraints of State and local health authorities.

1.      Rules for Patrons:

a.       Temperature will be taken at the door.

b.      Enter through South (Banquet Hall) Door and exit through North (Bar) Door (includes for smoking).

c.       Masks are highly encouraged during entrance, exit, and while ordering and receiving order.

d.      No seating or standing at the bar, order only using social distancing.

e.       Only 4 non-family at a table

2.      Reservations will be taken at the door with patron load determined by tables in use.

3.      Initial operating hour will be from 1 PM until 8 PM every day including Sundays.

4.      Kitchen:

a.       The Kitchen will operate 1 PM through 8 PM Monday through Friday.  Pizzas are available every day.

b.      The menu will be limited to burgers, fries, chicken strips, and wing etc. but is subject to change.

c.       Prices will be higher and may increase without notice.

5.      Gambling:

a.       Pull-tabs will open on Wednesday.

b.      The floor will be marked for social distancing.

c.       Bingo, meat-raffles, and Lucky-Buck will tentatively resume after 6 July.

6.      Son of the American Legion 50/50 Raffle will be drawn on 20 July.

All the exact rules, and they may and probably will be subject to change, will be posted at the entry door and the pull-tab booth.  Remember, we are truly all doing this together.

Now on another subject, this will most likely my last letter to you.  My term as commander ends on 30 June.  It has truly been an enjoyable experience being your commander (almost all the time).  I thank you for all the aid and assistance all of you have given me over the last three years.  I want you to know that I think the staff of out Legion Post is the finest in the country.  I really appreciate how we have become more of one family rather than three different organizations.  I know you will have the same sense degree of aid and assistance for Harry Johnson, who is the incoming Commander.  May God bless all of you, may He watch over our military, especially those in harm’s way.  May God these United States.

Thomas Burns


American Legion Post #39